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Fusion Partners offer some of the best and most experienced bookkeeping services in all of Australia. We stand ready to cater to the bookkeeping needs of individuals as well as small to medium-sized enterprises based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney enabling them to focus on matters that are critical to their business.

What are the costs of bookkeeping?

Fusion Partners believe that our services should be available for all businesses of all sizes. That’s why we not only offer an hourly rate, but also a fixed price monthly fee depending on your requirements. Our fixed fees start from $500p/m which includes 1 full working day per week (7 hours) on your businesses bookkeeping needs.

These monthly fixed fees equate to an hourly rate of just $17 per hour, making outsourcing your bookkeeping an efficient and cost effective means of doing business. If your business requires more time, we have stepped fixed fees all the way up to 4 full working days per week which can be scaled as your requirements grow.

What can our bookkeeping services do for you?

Our bookkeeping services are ideal for businesses that generate an annual profit of several thousand dollars with some of our biggest clients turning in well over $50 million a year. Whatever the extent of your bookkeeping needs, our partners can be trusted to adapt accordingly and sufficiently scale the services rendered to fit one’s bookkeeping requirements.

Here at Fusion Partners, we make it easy and convenient for new clients to make the switch to our specialist bookkeeping services by paving an easy and hassle-free transition from their old bookkeeping systems. Such a transition typically takes 4 weeks during which our experienced and highly qualified practising accountants will attend and go through your accounts and efficiently transition it to our outsourced specialist bookkeeping services.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer the transition process to our bookkeeping functions at no cost to new clients who can all rely on a smooth and trouble-free switch to Fusion Partners. Our free transition period is an offer that you would be hard-pressed to find on many other bookkeeping service providers. Our position as one of the top accounting firms in the country has enabled us to provide such added-value services thanks to our extensive history and a large customer base of successful and highly satisfied clients.

Our specialist bookkeeping functions include:

  • Accounts payable and receivables
  • Credit and bank reconciliations
  • Asset management
  • IAS compliance (International Accounting Standards)
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheet Reports

Opting for services of our specialised and highly experienced accountants enable clients to ensure that they get the aforementioned functions done on a timely and accurate manner. Our bookkeeping functions can also prove invaluable in boosting productivity as it enables businesses to concentrate on more essential matters.

Would you like to know more about Fusion Partners or are you interested in our full range of bookkeeping services? Call us on 02 9191 9810 and join our long list of successful and highly satisfied clients today.

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