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Dealing with the Australian Taxation Office in Sydney and Adelaide

Australian tax office image by Fusion Partners

We at Fusion Partners stand ready to assist our clients in negotiating with the Australian taxation office and help take the pressure off as an essential part of our tax management services. We offer expert assistance and advice in preparations and lodgements of business activity statements, filing income tax returns and registration for new businesses. Our clients can also turn to us for help when it comes to the most difficult areas of negotiations with the Australian Tax Office – tax dues.

Now it’s not at all uncommon to see businesses fall behind with their tax dues every now and then especially with the effects of international financial crisis affecting just about every industry. The services that we are prepared to offer with regards to dealing with the Australian Tax Office may involve coordinating the lodging of business activity statements and negotiating the payment of liabilities on a specific date.

Whether you simply need help facilitating the tax registrations of your new business and preparing your business activity statements or perhaps you are struggling with a rather complicated taxation issue? Clients can rely on Fusion Partners for help in expertly and professionally dealing with the Australian Tax Office on their behalf? Our partners are highly proficient and very much experienced when it comes to negotiations with the Australian Tax Office and would be very much happy to get your business on-board.

Setting expectations – how do we deal with the Australian Taxation Office?

Now most businesses surely aren’t too fond of working with the Australian Tax Office but here at Fusion Partners, we just love doing so if only to assist our clients in resolving their tax concerns. We implement legal, creative and highly compelling ways to negotiate in our clients behalf through our daily correspondence with the tax office and saving them from all the stress and hassles that they’d have to deal with under normal circumstances.

As financial representatives, clients can rely on us to consistently provide updates with regards to our negotiations with the tax office. Backed by decades of combine experience dealing with the Australian Tax Office, our partners all are well-versed in all the requirements and protocols for settling taxation issues. We have strict procedures in place designed to produce optimal results for our clients particularly in the case of tax debts.

Our partners are prepared to do everything for our clients from the preparation of legal documents, formally requesting extensions if necessary and reviewing a business’s capability to pay or settle any tax dues. As financial advisors, we may also have to present recommendations regarding our client’s business tax structure.

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