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SMSF Investment Advice Sydney / Adelaide – Self-Managed Super Fund Administration

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Investing in SMSFs

SMSFs (Self-managed Super Funds) are a great option for people looking for better control and flexibility in their retirement savings. As the term may already suggest, one can personally manage such funds and make investment decisions as you see fit through expert SMSF investment advice. SMSFs allow for a bigger range of investment options compared to superannuation funds and generally have lower fees as well. Owing to its flexibility as an investment option, owners of SMSFs can enjoy better tax benefits compared to superannuation funds.

Now of course more control and flexibility goes hand and hand with more work and responsibility. Success in SMSFs requires considerable skill in financial and legal matters and needless to say, not everyone has all that. There are also strict regulations implemented by the Australian Tax Office concerning such funds. Owners of SMSFs are expected to carry out the role of a director or trustee which imposes certain legal duties that can easily overwhelm most people.

Managing SMSFs

Here at Fusion Partners, managing and running a self – managed super fund need not be difficult. Our partners can help clients ensure that their investments meet their retirement needs as well as facilitate comprehensive records to prepare for annual audits required by the tax office.

What can Fusion Partner do for you?

  • SMSFs require a significant amount of money to set up, our financial experts can help you make sure that such investments are worthwhile
  • Assist in facilitating expenses and handle professional accounting, tax management, conduct audits as well as financial and legal advice
  • Completely manage the fund so our clients can focus on more important things
  • Help clients make sound investment decisions with our financial experience and skills

Here at Fusion Experts, we provide SMSF investment advice as well as complete management and administration service for self-managed super funds. We take care of everything and anything from setting it up to its day-to=day operations. Clients can also transfer an existing fund to our service with no hassles. We handle all the paper works – annual audits, tax returns, and contribution statements so all that’s left is for clients to manage the decisions.

As one of the top financial and accounting firms in Australia, we at Fusion Partners take pride in the SMSF management services that we offer. Clients have direct access to one of our experienced and fully qualified accountants all of which possess extensive expertise in SMSF management strategies.

Would you like to know more about Fusion Partners and the Self-managed Super Fund – SMSF Investment Advice and Administration services that we offer in Sydney and Adelaide? Call us today on 02 9191 9810!

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