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Tax Planning Sydney and Adelaide

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Given the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of today’s business environment, Fusion Partners has kept pace with the requirements and needs of local businesses in Australia in order to support our client’s business operations. The services of our highly experienced and qualified accountants stand ready to take on the role of tax planning and financial advisory enabling businesses to effectively meet tax compliance requirements.

Only the best in tax planning and management services

Fusion Partners offers invaluable expertise and extensive experience in all local taxation requirements for businesses in Australia which includes sales taxes, withholding tax, corporate taxes, custom duties as well as tax management and advisory services.

As certified tax experts, we offer integrated strategies for addressing just about any kind of tax concerns – tax assessment appeals, preparing legal documents for tax filing requirements and processing tax refund claims. Strategic tax planning can be of great financial benefit for any business. Any risks that come with business or personal taxes can be effectively mitigated with legal and prompt taxation planning. Such strategies provide a safety measure against the dynamic and highly complicated laws that govern taxation both local and international.

Why Fusion Partners?

Unlike many of our competitors, we at Fusion Partners maintain rich financial and accounting network in local business fronts which gives us the advantage of being always in possession of the latest information surrounding local tax policies and requirements. With some of the best and most experience accountants and financial advisors in the business, Fusion Partners offer the following tax management services:

  • Decisive tax planning and management – our top and most reputable accountants are very much capable of providing expert financial advice for businesses and individuals including tax compliance, assessment of tax structures both local and international, minimisation of tax liabilities surrounding business contracts, etc.
  • Month to date tax filing – processing tax returns of any kind (corporate tax, value added tax, withholding tax, etc)
  • Filing property taxes – transactions or contracts that pertain to the sale, lease and development of property. It also includes all other applicable taxes such as income and withholding tax, transfer fees, stamp duties and registration fees.
  • Tax advice – expert tips and professional recommendations on how to best deal with both international and local taxation.
  • Corporate tax
  • Personal income tax


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