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Home Loans Advice Sydney and Adelaide

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Looking for the best home loans deal in Sydney and Adelaide?

As one of the top accounting firms and financial planners in the country, we at Fusion Partners often encounter a lot of questions regarding home loans by people looking for good advice and the best home loan rates.

Now Fusion Partner’s position as both an accounting firm and a mortgage broker enables us to become simply one of the best options when it comes to home loans. Unlike many of our competitors, we are “in the loop” when it comes to the most competitive rates in the industry and can offer the same for our clients. Here at Fusion Partners, we help clients cut to the chase with no messing around.

What can we do for you?

Fusion Partner can help you effectively and conveniently navigate around the most current business practices in home loans and find rates that are as low as possible. The kind of rates that is outright impossible to get straight from lenders. We arm our clients with insider information on some of the best interest rates possible and assist in negotiating for the same. Get in touch with us today and we might just surprise you!

Imagine dropping into your bank or perhaps calling them on the phone armed with all the assistance we’ve provided and knowing full well the kind of rates that you can get. Most banks will match the said rates outright or risk losing your business. If not then you can rely on us to provide all the assistance required to switch lenders for some of the lowest home loan rates available.

Now while we may not always be able to exactly match the lowest rate in home loans, our expertise has enabled us to achieve a 100 percent success rate in reducing interest rates by at least 0.2 percent among our network of lenders. Pretty significant for say a $250,000 loan which translates to $500 in savings each year – not bad don’t you think?

Fusion Partner can also help you take into account other factors when it comes to getting a home loan – cost of switching and the convenience that comes with opting for a single bank for all your loans. Needless to say, these factors are something that needs to be tackled if one should ever decide to move to another lender. Our brokers can help clients make sure that such decisions are well worth it and at the very least, significantly reduce the rate at which they would have had to pay with the present lender.

In addition to home loans, Fusion Partners also cater to competitive loans for businesses, commercial property and margin loans. If you would like to know more about the best rates for such loans and what Fusion Partner can do for you then call us today on 02 9191 9810.

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