Taxation Services

Fusion Partners offers personalised and highly experienced professional tax management and business tax services to individuals, investors and small to medium-sized businesses all over Australia. Taxes can be fairly hard to manage for many people and our services endeavor to change all that so our clients can focus on things that really matter.

Clients can benefit from our wide range of comprehensive taxation services along with access to some of the most current and effective tax management strategies that are fully customised to our client’s circumstance.

Outsourced Accounting Services in NSW

Here at Fusion Partners, we are more than just accountants – we are partners and financial advisors geared to support our clients all the way. Clients can rely on us to help them reach their financial goals by laying out proven strategies for the most favorable tax outcomes. Needless to say, it is something that our clients tend to appreciate the most when it comes to the services that we offer.

Our extensive experience and quality business tax services are just some of the things that truly set us apart from most other accounting firms. Clients are assured of accurate and timely delivery each and every time.

Registered Tax Agents & Business Advisors NSW

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Here at Fusion Partners, we are an authorised representative of SMSF Advisers Networks which made us a qualified accountant to offer comprehensive advice about establishing or disposing of an interest in an SMSF to you and your family.

Administering a SMSF needs to be difficult. We take care of everything and anything on its day-to-day administration. We handle all the bookkeeping, minutes and resolutions, financial and member statements, tax returns and annual audit so all that is left is for clients to manage the decisions.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Functions

Are you a business struggling to keep pace with your bookkeeping or accounting requirements? Our bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing services here at Fusion Partners can be the perfect solution for you!

We at Fusion Partners specialise in providing quality and cost-effective accounting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We cater to both on basis and retainer projects with customised and scalable outsourced accounting functions.

Opting for our bookkeeping and accounting services here at Fusion Partners means that our clients don’t have to deal with the added expenses of bringing in additional staff on board just to get the accounting and bookkeeping expertise that they require.

Financial Reports and Forecasting In NSW

For a fixed monthly fee, clients can benefit from our services to assist them with all their accounting and bookkeeping requirements. All accounting functions are reviewed and closely supervised by one of our qualified and highly experienced accountant before turning them over to clients.

Our fixed fees start from $800 per month which includes 1 working day per week on your business accounting needs. If your business requires more time, we have stepped fixed fees all the way up to $3,000 per month for 5 working days per week which can be scaled up as your requirements grow.  These monthly fixed fees equate to an hourly rate as low as $21.43 per hour, making outsourcing your accounting functions an efficient and cost effective means of doing business.

Our clients can think of us as their very own accounting department that is equipped and very much capable to assist them with their accounting and bookkeeping requirements. Our outsourced accounting functions offer a convenient and cost-effective accounting solution that perfectly suits one’s business requirements and finances while providing the peace of mind that comes by knowing that clients can focus on business matters throughout their business operations and never have to worry about the accounting process in the back end.

Our outsourced accounting services include administrative and bookkeeping services, month end Balance Sheet reconciliations, preparation and lodgement of ATO Activity Statements and compilation of management reports.

Strategic Tax Planning Services in NSW

Outsourced CFO / Management Accountant

Are you in need of the services of a reliable Finance Manager and Management Accountant  or Outsourced Accounting Services in NSW but can’t afford to bring in such in-house staff due to overhead expenses? We at Fusion Partners have the perfect solution for you through the services of our outsourced CFOs and management accountants who stand ready to address our client’s business requirements in the most convenient and cost-effective manner.

Our management accountants are experienced Outsourced CFO In Sydney here at Fusion Partners can help businesses conduct accounting analysis and create strategic financial data required to plan and execute sound business decisions with regards to investments/cost, risk and performance. Our accounting and management process covers all essential factors – identifying business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), cash flow management, accounting, financial reports and forecasting.

Our process of accounting and business management will take into consideration a number of factors including cash flow management, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), financial accounting, financial reporting, and business forecasting.

The goal of our outsourced CFO and management accounting services is to provision effective methods for managing cash flow which puts business in a much better position to make key business decisions. The process involves uncovering vital business KPIs and carefully assessing such indicators to develop strategies for optimal business performance by identifying important areas for improvement.

Outsourced CFO In Sydney